Clara at home | branding session for RATIO | San Antonio, Texas

Clara Stiefel

You know when you meet someone and you instantly know you will be friends? I think Clara (who you might recognize from a yoga shoot we did back in May) is one of those people for most people she meets. Sincere, down to earth and hilarious, Clara will be missed as she heads off to Spain in a few short weeks.


I had the privilege of photographing Clara in her studio apartment, a place that truly reflects everything she is and aspires to be. Every pieces of her home has a story and a special meaning. Yet, she realizes they are just ‘things’ and will be practicing her mindset of non-attachment to the fullest.

Good luck Clara! I will miss you so!


You can read the full interview with Clara on RATIO’s blog as she reflects on how she got to where she is going.


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