Katelyn + Flo | A Backyard Wedding | Johnstown, Ohio

A Love Across The Atlantic

I have known this lovely bride, Katelyn, since I was in the forth grade. She was not only my neighbor but also my first lifelong friend. We played on the same soccer team together. We ate breakfast (cold waffles and warm muffins, both with butter) together on the back of the bus. We even did our “homework” together after school. AKA we watched trashy TV while eating ice-cream. But that was all good because we were together.

After college Katelyn and I both spent time living overseas. But, not together. I still have all the emails printed out from our first summer apart. Katelyn was in France living what seemed like a fairytale. She was meeting interesting people from all over the world and often hopping on trains to see the country.

But, things weren’t always easy living so far away from your friends, family and everything that she found familiar. But within that struggle came someone who has led her down a path of pure happiness and continuous adventure.

Meet Katelyn and Flo.


This wedding was full of personal touches.

After being long distance across the Atlantic a first look was only appropriate for this couple to spend as much of the day together as possible.

The venue was her father’s backyard.


Her brothers helped run the show but countless hours went into making everything perfect before any guests arrived with the help of friends and family.

The aisle was formed by all their friends and family.

The ceremony consisted of other married couples reading their advice to the newlyweds.

Her darling grandfather read a poem.

Their parents signed the marriage license right before…

…wait for it…Kate+Flo-244

(first the rings)

… and finally the kiss.

I put my camera down for the party which in French tradition meant staying up until the sun came up. But so happy I got to capture these incredible moments with my lifelong friend and the love of her life.

Love you both.


And of course photos by yours truly. 

pictured with my dad and sister

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