My work is a direct reflection on where I’ve been + what I believe in. I believe that human connection is what makes the world go round. Therefore, regardless of the type of work we are doing together I promise to be invested, present + collaborative.

Photography has been a defining part of my identity for at least ⅔ of my life. I actually shied away from making it my career because I loved it so much. I didn’t want to have to depend on it for making a living. So I studied something close, visual communications. My specific sequence was in informational graphics and page design with a specialization in journalism because I have always loved art + the power it has to communicate a story with feeling.


What I’ve learned over the years is I love working with passionate people and the process is just as important as the outcome. Of course I want to create beautiful imagery, but for my work to be meaningful, it has to matter how I got to that end product.

I feel most alive when I am connecting with someone or some part of the earth on an unexpected level.

One of the most alive moments in my life was being at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand while I was living there in 2011. I felt in complete bliss learning about the elephants, bathing them in the rivers, photographing them up close, all with a bunch of strangers because in that moment I felt like we were all just one family.

Those types of experiences where I’m present + engaged, even when I don’t really know the people I’m surrounded by can really make me feel like I am flowing in my life. I think it is because we are in it together on a deeper lever; learning, growing + just existing in this wild life. 

I can compare this feeling to working with someone to capture the moments in life that we all want to hold on to.

It is a gift to join someone on that journey.

Photo by Darkroomfoto
Photo by Coley&Co


I freelanced for an advertising agency for a while doing page design, decided I wasn’t ready for the big corporate world so I booked a one-way ticket to Thailand to teach English. When I got back to Ohio I worked as a Senior Graphics Specialist for American Chemical Society Publications while managing Kitty Maer Studio (photography).  

Managing Kitty’s studio turned into second shooting then becoming an associate photographer. Kitty and I eventually went into a 50/50 partnership creating a black and white portrait studio called KARAKTER. After a few years trying to balance a 9-5 and photography business life took me to San Antonio, Texas + again I found myself looking for graphic design jobs even though I knew my heart was still (and always) in photography. I decided to stop denying my passion and go for it – this time under my own name. After years of being an apprentice to some amazing creatives I was ready to own my dream. 

So here we are. I am currently based in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Working under Morgan Whitney Photography since October 2015, I spend everyday gaining a better understanding of what being a new mom, creative + business owner looks like through my eyes. It isn’t always easy but I find joy in the mess (which is the process) by believing I’m exactly where I need to be.