Anne Weidinger | yoga photography | Columbus, Ohio

Are you guys sisters?

I started doing yoga while I was living in Thailand in 2010/2011. Since the classes were taught in Thai there was an added challenge of a language barrier on top of all the balancing, bending and twisting.

My Thai language capabilities were limited to counting to ten, asking for no spice in my papaya salad (still too spicy), and of course my hello’s, thanks you’s and I’m sorry’s. Therefore, I had to just looking around to see what the other Thai yogis were doing (while they giggled at me) to figure out what was going on.

So when I got back to the US and found myself in Anne Weidinger’s class it was like taking a yoga class for the very first time. Although I learned to appreciate the giggles from my Thai yogis, Anne took yoga to an entirely different level for me as I think she has done for many…and not just because she speaks English.

Anne brings so many different elements to her yoga classes. The classes are creative, challenging, and powerful. She teaches the kind of class that when you walk out all you can think is, “I needed that.” (Both physically and mentally.)

Today I’m so thrilled to call Anne more than just my teacher but also my friend and my photography client. We also share the same, unusual last name; Weidinger. I love it because whenever someone asks me if we are sisters I get to answer back, “soul sisters”. And that ain’t no lie!


We have taken some really beautiful photographs together over the years and I am so happy to see that they have found a home this past week in the launch of her new website!

When you go to Anne’s website you will see how much love and attention she puts into her passion of teaching yoga. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area I HIGHLY recommend you check out her site to see where she will be teaching next (along with a ton of other content such as her yoga philosophy, blog and more) and get your ass to one of her classes!

Your ass will love you or hate you depending how you look at it. Anne talks about perspective in class sometimes, too.



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