Give Mom The Gift Of Being In The Photo

Picture this: my two-year-old is sitting on the counter with his tiny toes dangling over the edge. In a very rare still + quiet moment he snuggles himself into my arms. I don’t want to say anything in fear that he will bounce off the counter + out of this moment but I take theContinue reading “Give Mom The Gift Of Being In The Photo”

Breaking To Rebuild

My Story Told 2 Years Post Childbirth There was a moment a few weeks after I gave birth to my son where I looked at myself in the mirror and quite literally couldn’t identify the person looking back at me. I just stared at her. I watched her make the same facial expressions but couldn’tContinue reading “Breaking To Rebuild”

A New Family

The first kicks and flips. Your doctor announcing boy or girl. Hearing his rapid heartbeat. These are the magical moments you hear people talk about when you share that you’re pregnant for the first time. Followed by, “I bet your parents are ecstatic!”. However, there is a less talked about moment that in my opinionContinue reading “A New Family”

PART ONE: Tess + Mikey |Ceremony at Flowers & Bread| Columbus, Ohio

A couple blog posts ago I wrote some personal thoughts regarding the exchanging of vows/elopement/ceremony/wedding/fill-in-your-blank truly being a moment in your life that you choose to create in a way that is right for you and your partner. (Read: Your Wedding Your Way) I wrote about really thinking about what is truly important to you and yourContinue reading “PART ONE: Tess + Mikey |Ceremony at Flowers & Bread| Columbus, Ohio”

Karrie + Henry | Wedding at Tartan Fields Country Club | Dublin, Ohio

This was a first for me. A bride that I went on family vacations with in middle school. The little sister to one of my very best friends who I would get in trouble with for picking on during after school hangouts. Even though she was that younger sibling to our friends, to me thereContinue reading “Karrie + Henry | Wedding at Tartan Fields Country Club | Dublin, Ohio”