Clara | yoga photoshoot | San Antonio, Texas

There is a strong yoga scene in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. There are teachers, turned friends, turned mentors, (turned clients!) who have expanded my life both physically and mentally.

So, since moving to San Antonio I have been on the hunt for yoga teachers that can bring the soul along with the stretch. Here is one of those beautiful people.

The day I photographed Clara for a Skillshare class I taught on how to create emotion evoking images, I also had to film a video for my other business, RATIO. It was a stressful day full of messing up lines, equipment malfunctioning and time slipping away.

But the second Clara showed up at our shoot it all went away. All the stress and all the worry…gone. She is a unique yoga teacher who has that sort of personality and I love her for that.

See the video from my shoot with Clara here and enroll to see the entire class while it is still free!

Find this lovely human on instagram: @yogawithclaramarie
Or shoot her an email:

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