Give Mom The Gift Of Being In The Photo

Picture this: my two-year-old is sitting on the counter with his tiny toes dangling over the edge. In a very rare still + quiet moment he snuggles himself into my arms. I don’t want to say anything in fear that he will bounce off the counter + out of this moment but I take the risk + ask my husband who is sitting on the other side of the counter to

um duh, hello, take our photo please!

me and my buddy

You know if the roles had been reversed I would have taken verticals, horizontals, different angles, and a video too without hesitation. 

And I know I am not alone in this feeling

It is just a fact, moms are rarely in the photos. Curious why not?

One Mom’s thoughts on why she hired a professional photographer:

“The reality is that I am present in every aspect of my daughters’ lives. I am there when they wake up and when they go to bed, and in between, I am there cutting crust from sandwiches and putting Band-Aids on invisible injuries. That an entire Christmas can be documented without so much as my toe making an appearance is boggling. The story these pictures will tell is that I was absent.

A funnier take on it…

Here is why I personally think it is important to change that with a professional photo shoot:

The thought alone of gifting her a photo shoot will show your appreciation for her.

It is pausing to honor your family with intention.

It creates an opportunity for her to look + feel her best.

It is a gift that will last a lifetime as a print in the home. 

Photographs link us to our past so it is important for everyone to be represented.

It is time to spend together, both at the shoot + looking through the photographs together (again + again)!

She won’t have to rely on selfies, although these are pretty hilarious.

So let’s change this, for mom!

Lifestyle Photography by Morgan Whitney Photography

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