PART ONE: Tess + Mikey |Ceremony at Flowers & Bread| Columbus, Ohio

A couple blog posts ago I wrote some personal thoughts regarding the exchanging of vows/elopement/ceremony/wedding/fill-in-your-blank truly being a moment in your life that you choose to create in a way that is right for you and your partner.
(Read: Your Wedding Your Way)

I wrote about really thinking about what is truly important to you and your partner and then creating your day around those intentional desires.

Tess + Mikey did just that and I couldn’t have been more excited to celebrate not one but two wedding celebrations with them.

Wedding celebration one: Columbus, Ohio at Flowers & Bread with immediate family.


As long as I have known Tess I have known how much she looks up to her grandmothers. They taught her about welcoming people into her life with open arms, having a sense of humor about life and loving fully, especially in marriage.

Being in their 90’s Tess knew the flight to California where she currently lives wouldn’t be possible so she brought the first ceremony to them in Columbus. Sadly Tess’ Mimi didn’t make it to the wedding but we all could feel her there in spirit. Mimi was one of the most stylish women I had ever met and I know she looked down on Tess + Mikey’s wedding day with 100% class + beauty seal of approval.


(above) Both Grandmother’s wedding rings. 

The celebration at Flowers & BreadTess+Mikey_Ohio-3Tess+Mikey_Ohio-22Tess+Mikey_Ohio-26Tess+Mikey_Ohio-44Tess+Mikey_Ohio-61Tess+Mikey_Ohio-71

(below) Grandma enjoying the ukulele before the ceremony. 



(above) FaceTiming her brother Josh in CA 

I think it goes without saying that every wedding is unique. I think what makes those unique moments actually special aren’t the details people spend relentless hours on or getting the exact right location or how amazing the couple’s entrance was. What really makes these unique moments special are times like these pictured below. These moments when two people’s full lives come together and are embraced with all the love in the world. When a young boy proposes to a bonus mom and then she shares her promises to him. When your Grandma hold’s your hand during your vows. And when your photographer is crying in the back of the room. (Sometimes I can’t help it!)Tess+Mikey_Ohio-169





Tess, Mikey + family, thank you for inviting me to this perfect little moment filled with the biggest love.


Two weeks later…
Wedding celebration two: Trentadue Winery in Geyserville , California. (coming soon!)



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