Fashion Show Fundraiser | Benefiting Kids With Cancer| San Antonio, Texas

Bon Voyage to cancer with Love Helpz Kidz

I met up with some of my family after spending my day photographing the Love Helpz Kidz 2nd annual fashion show benefiting kids battling cancer. As I walked in to meet my family I was greeted with a soft tone as they knew I was coming from a more intense shoot compared to the weddings or portraits I usually shoot.


They were correct that it was an intense day. And although there was physical and emotional pain in the room there was also, above everything else, I saw, felt, and photographed compassion, courage and strength.

The community poured into San Fernando Hall in downtown San Antonio, Texas to show these families a moment of relief and laughter. These kids, fighting for their lives, got to leave it behind if even for a few hours to have all eyes on them seeing nothing but beauty and empowerment in themselves.


I write this post with the same stomach flips and lump in my throat that I had when Jillian Williams spoke about her battle with cancer. I also feel the same light and strength as she made jokes while being completely raw and vulnerable. She talked about how she is taking her journey and creating  Live n Leap to help other young adults with life threatening illnesses. She is in ever definition of the word, incredible.


So I will leave you with that. Jillian, you are a total inspiration and you encourage me to take responsibility for my perspective, my life and how I decide to show up within my community.

Oh and one of my favorite moments from the day…

This little girl was such a badass. Manny Diotte, (The Ferrari Kid), was announcing fun facts about the kids as they walked down the runway. He announced that her favorite movie is Chucky (which I can’t even watch). Everyone started laughing as he said, “She ain’t scared of nothin!”

Then her Dad gave her and her sister flowers as they reached the end of the runway. She didn’t break from her model face for even a second. I on the hand had a much more emotional reaction.

More photos over on Facebook.

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