PART TWO: Tess + Mikey |Wedding at Trentadue Winery| Geyserville, California

To recap PART ONE of Tess + Mikey’s “create your own wedding adventure” I’ll simply say it was sweet, small and special. You can get all the details + photographs in the first part of this blog series here.

But on to part two of this celebration of two people who very Tinderly, I mean randomly, took a chance on grabbing a drink while Tess an Ohio native, was visiting Northern California where Mikey, a Texas native was currently living.

It only seemed natural that these two people from two very different places in the states would want to have all their friends and family come join them in wine country where they had made a home together over the past two year.

(one for the books)

T+M_first look-20

The day before the wedding Tess came up to me and said something along the lines of I know this doesn’t give you much notice and I hope this will be okay with you (I nod my head as my body tenses) but we want to do a fake first look where my brother walks out in my wedding dress first. My reaction:

  1. Sighs of relief that she didn’t say something like we moved around the entire schedule and we now only have 5 min for portraits…hours after the sun goes down.
  2. Hell yes!

So here you go. Tess’ brother Josh in the dress she wore at her ceremony in Ohio. T+M_first look-7T+M_first look-23T+M_first look-28Brotherly love. T+M_first look-38

The real deal ❤

T+M_portraits-6T+M_first look-46T+M_first look-63I love em!T+M_portraits-1T+M_portraits-5

at the lovely Trentadue Winery with Tess, Mikey + Brodie.










T+M_scooter-2T+M_scooter-15T+M_scooter-18T+M_scooter-23One of my favorite things about weddings is how it brings friends together who were once inseparable but now live in different states and are in different places in their lives. But when they get together to celebrate someone from their OG crew it is like time stopped and they’re right back at it. ❤T+M_scooter-24T+M_scooter-30


T+M_reception-4T+M_reception-40T+M_reception-48T+M_reception-53T+M_reception-57T+M_reception-61T+M_reception-64T+M_reception-65T+M_reception-79T+M_reception-88T+M_reception-93T+M_reception-106T+M_reception-110T+M_reception-120T+M_reception-127T+M_reception-128T+M_reception-140T+M_reception-141T+M_reception-156I am not going to retell the “too soon?” joke Josh made during his speech,
but I will let these reactions be the judge. 

Tess’ nephew’s toast was a little more PG/PC.


Mother-son dance turned chicken dance. T+M_reception-238T+M_reception-247T+M_reception-249T+M_reception-256T+M_reception-261T+M_reception-269T+M_reception-274T+M_reception-304


So much love for Tess + Mikey (and of course Brody). Tess, thank you for always welcoming me into the most meaningful moments of your life. You’re my sister + I love you.

T+M_portraits-65photography by my fab second shooter: Shannon May Brown

All the people who made it happen:

Flowers: Atrellis Flowers & Gifts

Dessert: Cavaliere Bakery

DJ: Tony with Nor Cal Pro Sound

Hair + Make: Taylor with Contour Bridal

Catering: Pacific Connection Catering + Events

Wedding Gown: bhldn

Groom’s suit: Banana Republic

Wedding Planner: Milestone Events

See more of Tess + Mikey’s Ohio ceremony and follow me on Instagram to see more of these magical adventures I am so grateful to be part of.


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