Welcome 2 Austin |behind the scenes | Gruene, Texas

Welcome 2 Austin Magazine will be your friend, your local in-the-know, full of photos and places in and around the city. You’ll be introduced to great things to do, eat, drink and go.” Brian Briggs, Publisher.


I remember meeting Brian at our local coffee shop with his editor, Heather, and listening to them tell me all about this vision they had for this content packed magazine. They had this big idea about a magazine you could spend hours with. One that would find its home on your coffee table rather than the trash.

Truthfully, I was a little doubtful. With concern I asked if they really knew how much work it would be to put together a quality magazine.

But that day I saw the determination and excitement in their eyes and my concern turned quickly to excitement as well.

I happily said yes to joining them in Gruene, Texas to help capture the behind the scenes photographs in order to help tell the full story of the main spread. Today they handed me the premier issue and I wonder why I ever doubted such a killer team.


As someone who knows the struggles of starting something from the ground up and all the highs and lows, the jump up and down moments of success and the WTF moments of failure that come with it all, I am beyond thrilled for these two talented people and what they have accomplished.

RATIO even got a little shoutout!



welcome2austin.com for more!

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